Big and Beautiful

Hello all, I'm Lila
Beauty is a weird thing. What is deemed as beautiful varies from person to person and truly is something that is in eye of the beholder.
When people look at themselves, most are dissatisfied or unhappy with what they see. “??In general, we are affected by the media to not appreciate our bodies as they are, but instead to want what we see in the movies, television, magazines - which is the thin, tall, model-like image/body. We want what we think we should look like. We have been taught that the opposite sex also wants this in their partner/us... When we think this way, we then don??t like what we see in our own bodies and faces”.
We should be celebrating our individuality, not insulting each other because of it. In a day and age where feminism is becoming such an integral part of society, surely as women we should be standing together, not pulling each other apart in order to feel more superior to one another?
The Case of the beauty that not only the appearance of it vary from person to person, but it is something that everyone wants to have, whether they admit it or not. These bbw women inspirational and they didn’t slam other body types to make a point that curves are sexy. Instead they stood up and showed people, why curves are sexy.
Each and every woman is beautiful in her own unique way. Each and every body type is beautiful in its own, unique way. It is high time we celebrated these differences, not slated them. .